Laboratory & Quality Control

Mulitple QA and QC testing points from production through to packaging, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product every time.

Multiple laboratories on-site to ensure your products brewed at Bridgeview Brewing Company conform to your customers’ highest standards.

  • Four on-site labs to ensure quality and consistency
  • Measure for the most common physical-chemical indicators including Specific Gravity, ABV, BRIX, bitterness, VDK, pH, colour FAN, free SO2 and total SO2
  • Microbiological analysis to determine yeast counts and viability
  • Offering selective and non-selective media
  • Aerobic and non-aerobic incubation
  • Staining and other identification techniques
  • Packaging analysis including monitoring DO, TPO, CO2 and seams
  • Trained panelists for sensory testing
Work with our team to ensure the highest quality product